Can I request for a design that's not on your gallery page?
Yes. Get creative, I'll strive to satisfy. 

How long can my set last?
It all depends on your lifestyle and how you care for them. On average, acrylic nails last about 9 weeks without fading in color or chipping. Most clients come for a refill 3 weeks after their appointment.

Do you provide other nail services?
I do, selectively. However, I do not do Classic/Express service. The only extension medium I work with is acrylics. 

What are the considerations behind your prices? / Why are they significantly lower than the market rate? 
As an ex salon-regular, I am very familiar with the ''market price'' of acrylic nails or nail extensions in general. It is totally normal to spend nearly $100 dollars for a set of naked extensions, and then extra for art. Worst of all, consumer satisfaction is still a gamble (#relatable).

In my salon, a fresh set of extensions with elegant nail art costs only $50, no hidden charges, no hard-selling of packages. Competitive pricing does not reflect a lack of confidence or any compromise in quality - head over to my gallery and my work will speak for itself, proudly. I am driven, among others, by an intrinsic love for acrylic nails. Validation for my craftsmanship and client happiness mean the world to me, and I will only request for a respectable amount of renumeration. 

What is the difference between sculpting and overlay?
Both sculpting and overlay are methods of making a nail extension. A sculpted nail is done using a nail form, while an overlay is achieved by using a false tip before enhancing with either gel or acrylic. The method of extension has little to no impact on the final aesthetic, but if you have a preference, let me know :)