Removal, without a new set

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Removal, without a new set
Removal, without a new set

The reason I open up slots specifically for return soak-off is that most removal services out there HARM YOUR NAILS.

You should NEVER: 

peel/yank off your extensions at home. You will end up peeling off a layer of your natural nails together with the enhancement. This is why a lot of people experience thinning/weakening.

- accept a file off/drill off. Any removal service that relies completely on physical filing is brutal. It will make your nails thinner. Chemical treatment is necessary. 

In a proper soak off, the electric drill or hand file is only used to de-bulk the extensions. It does not go onto your natural nails at all. The last layer of acrylics (that remains after file-down) is soaked with acetone until it has disintegrated chemically, and gently rubbed off using a stick. 

If you are getting removal elsewhere, make sure your provider follow these guidelines. Don't be shy. You paid for it. 

Acrylics don't harm your nails. Bad practices do.